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Fun Casinos and how to play


“Place your bets, please”!


Let the fun begin and your gaming experience with Jolly Jesters Fun Casinos will be as real, exciting and a whole load of fun, just like in any casino around the world, without any of the risk or expense!


Jolly Jesters Fun Casinos provides American Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker for all weddings, private parties, charity or fundraising events and corporate entertainment. 

Our fun money vouchers will be given to each and every guest before gaming commences and these will then be exchanged for casino chips to play at the gaming tables..

All our croupiers will help and advise throughout the evening for those who do not know how to play, and will tease, coax and entertain for those who “think” they already do!

American Roulette

Our most popular game is the fast, fun and glamorous roulette. It’s very exciting, easy to play and bursting with anticipation! Each player has their own coloured identifying chips to play with and bets are placed as soon as the croupier announces “Place your  bets”. The odds of a winning number and it’s surrounding bets are given below. As soon as the croupier announces “No more bets”, all betting stops as the ball is about to drop into the winning number!  A dolly (marker) is placed on the winning number and in an international recognized order of payout, payments will commence to the lucky winners. Once the payouts have been made, the dolly   will be removed and bets may be placed once again for the next spin!

 Payment odds:-

Straight up

1 single number



Covering 2 numbers



Covering 3 numbers



Covering 3 numbers (including 0)


First 4

Covering the 1st 4 numbers



Covering 4 numbers


Six line

Covering 6 numbers

Outside bets:-

High/Low numbers

Red or Black numbers, Odd or Even numbers


The Dozens

1st 12 , 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 number sections


The Columns

Each three columns of the layout



Please note… All our casino tables are fitted with high quality, professional baizes and in our years of experience in providing fun casino entertainment we have decided not to have the “race track” design. However, all our croupiers are professionally trained and will be able to accept and place these bets for any experienced players.



Our most popular card game is “Blackjack”. A slight variation of  Pontoon of which almost everyone has played before!


The main objective of the game is to beat the croupiers hand, getting as  close to “21” without going “bust”… “HIT ME!”

The croupier will announce “Place your bets” and chips/bets are placed in the box in front of each player. Each player may play more than one  box and each box is limited to three players. The cards are dealt left to right and each player will receive 2 cards, face up, whilst the croupier  receives only one. Every player is asked in turn if they would like  another card, or to stay as they are. If the cards total more than 21 you  have “too many”  (bust) and will loose your chips. If a player has the same total as the croupier, it’s a “standoff”  where there is no payout OR loss of chips. If the croupier goes over 21, those still left in the game will win. if the croupier has a higher card count than the players, the croupier wins, but if the players’ hand is higher the player wins!

The most important rules to remember is that you are all playing against the dealer, not against each other AND the croupier has to stop and must not go over “17”.

We use high quality professional playing cards in a shoe which holds six decks.

All picture cards count as “10”.

An “Ace” has a count of  “1” or “11”. If two aces are drawn, “2” or “12”.

“BLACKJACK” is two cards…  “Ace AND a 10” and will beat all cards totally to “21”.

The variation on Pontoon is that there are no “burning” of cards and no five card tricks.

Payment odds:-



Winning hand



Offered when the croupier’s first card is an “Ace” and a player has “Blackjack”


Please note…   As a “Fun” Casino entertainment business with many years experience in providing fun and entertainment, we often cherry pick some of the finer international rules of play for Blackjack as this will maximise the “fun” in your casino party event. These will include:-

No limit on the number of split pairs.

Double down on any first two cards.

Spot prizes for three “7”.

Spot prizes for a hand that totals “21” with 5 cards

We also pay “Blackjack” at   2-1

If however you wish to adhere to the full British Gaming Rules, please advise.

The finer rules of Blackjack

Splitting:- When a player’s first two cards are the same point value (pair), these can be split to make two hands with a further card (and bets of the same value) dealt to each. As a fun casino, we allow any number of splitting, though for your information, splitting 4s, 5s and 10s is not allowed in the UK. If a player has two “Aces”, these may also be split, but the player will only receive one card on each Ace, and if a “ten” is dealt the hand counts as “21” and not “Blackjack”.

Doubling down: On the players first two cards only, (preferably with a total of 9, 10 or 11) a player may double their bet, but will only be allowed one more card! If the croupiers card is lower than a 7, it’s a good time to take this chance or if you really feel it and think you can beat the dealer, best of luck, you never know!

Insurance:  This is offered to players who have “Blackjack” when the croupiers card shows an “Ace”. The player may make a side bet of up to half the original stake and will pay out 2 – 1 if the croupier does hit a “Blackjack”.  The insurance bet will be taken if the croupier does not get a “Blackjack”.

The most common practice for when a player has “Blackjack” and the croupier shows an ace, is to accept even money on the original bet. This  will be offered alongside insurance and must be taken before the croupiers second card is dealt.

Caribbean Stud Poker

A quick, easy and fun game to play with a good introduction and insight into the poker hands as well as Texas Hold’em Poker. Our croupiers will gladly play a few demonstration hands first and we will have a display of the poker hands and their payouts available.

The croupier will announce “Place your bets”  and each player will bet in the Ante box in front. Unlike in Blackjack, only one player is allowed per box and only one hand to be played by each player. Once each player has placed their bets, the croupier will deal 5 cards in turn, face down, including him/herself with the last card being the croupiers, dealt face up!

The players now decide whether to “fold” or “gamble”. If you “fold”, your “ante” bet (stake) is taken along with your cards and your game is over until the next hand. If you believe your hand will beat the croupiers, you place your cards face down in the raise box and bet EXACTLY double your original stake, no more, no less.

When all the players have decided to fold or play, the croupier will deal their hand. The croupier must have a poker hand or an “Ace AND a King” to qualify. If the croupier does not qualify, the players original bet is paid even money, and the players cards are not shown, (the only way to bluff  in this particular game). If however, the croupier does qualify, the highest hands win and the payments odds are shown below…

Payment odds:-

One pair

Two cards the same value

Even money

Two pairs

Two pairs


Three of a kind

Three cards the same value



All five cards in consecutive order, any suits



All five cards of the same suit


Full House

Three of a kind AND a pair


Four of a kind

Four cards of the same value


Straight Flush

All five cards, in consecutive order AND the same suits



All five cards, of the same suit, in consecutive order ACE, KING, QUEEN, JACK and TEN


If the croupiers hand matches that of the players hand, it goes to the next highest card.

If two ROYAL FLUSHES occur, HEARTS WINS, or it will be a stand off!


Have fun and be lucky!




Extra Fun

Themed Events
James Bond Fun Casino
Las Vegas Fun Casino
Prohibition Fun Casino
Peaky Blinders Fun Casinos
HollyWood Fun Casino
Tribute Singers
Prop Hire, Magicians
Showgirls & Bond Girls
Event Photographers
Photobooth  Magic Mirror
Chocolate Fountain
Champagne Fountain

Fun Casino areas covered

We will provide our fun casino entertainment to all areas of the UK, with our primary areas on but not limited to the South Coast. Including  Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire,  Buckinghamshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex,  Kent.

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